Saman Wickramaarachchi


Saman Wickramaarachchi is a retired High Court Judge, literary and film critic, writer and novelist. Apart from his career in judiciary over 26 years he is a writer who authored a considerable number of literary productions including novels short stories and books on literary criticism and film studies. He won the Swarna Pusthaka Award in 2018 for his novel Appachchi Awith.He obtained LL.B degree in 1980 from Colombo University and had M.A. in 1995 from Kelaniya University. Peradeniya University granted him MPhil in 2008 as a qualification to complete his PhD. Currently he reads his PhD on the topic of Philosophical and Deconstructive Critique of the Legal Theory and Practice in Contemporary Sri Lanka. He serves as a visiting lecturer in Sri Pali campus on literary Criticism and teaches Psychoanalysis and Cinema at the Fine Art Department of Kelaniya University.