Ravindra Guruge


After successfully completing the higher diploma in Television Producing and Editing in 1983 at Institute of RADIO Netherlands Ravi joined Selacine, the Government Filming Body, as an Editor cum Cameraman and worked there as the chief editor till 1990. He opted to work as an independent editor working with most of the leading directors in Film and Television industry. In 1993, he established his own firm, The Video Team (Pvt) Ltd, with three of his friends. During this period of almost 36 years, has won serious acclamations and reviews through the media for creative editing. Numerous film and TV critics and journalists have reviewed editing of award winning creations very positively. Apart from media recognition, TV institutes too have recognized the professionalism in editing by certificating the work accomplished and through awards presented. He was adjudged ‘Best Editor’ in more than 30 occasions including winning Best Editor at the Presidential award from 2001 to 2006 continuously. He introduced non-linear digital editing and digital sound to the Sri Lankan Cinema Industry in 2000 to facilitate digital sound to the Sri Lankan Cinema Industry and in 2018 installed and calibrated Sri Lanka’s first professional international standard 7.1 mixing studio surround system enabling Sri Lankan filmmakers to finalize their works to international standards without leaving the island. Lead a team of professionals on national level events and social marketing campaigns as the Chairman of the Company. He is also a resource person at the University of Kelaniya training undergraduates on film and television mediums.